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Words are Monuments

Interactive website and virtual event series

Whale People: Protectors of the Sea

Exhibition by The Natural History Museum with the Lummi Nation

Red Road to DC: A Totem Pole Journey for the Protection of Sacred Places

Expedition with the Lummi Nation House of Tears Carvers


International Indigenous Salmon Symposium

Join us for a special live-streamed program of ceremony, song, and speakers from theĀ International Indigenous Salmon Symposium, a gathering dedicated to building Indigenous-led conservation alliances to restore to health the salmon at risk of extinction, and the world of relations they bring to life.

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Flood Tide of Resistance

The Natural History Museum is pleased to participate in the group exhibition ā€œFlood Tide of Resistanceā€, curated by Oliver Ressler. This exhibition brings together artists who produce works in dialogue with the climate justice movements related to both land and sea, in which they consider themselves participants.

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Gas Lands Tour

Led by local residents and public health advocates, this tour will give you a first hand account of what it is like to live and grow up in the most heavily fracked county in Pennsylvania, Washington County.

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From the Blog

The Salmon Nations Speak

Salmon are on the brink of extinction. But communities are fighting back, summoning the power of ancestral knowledge and practices to defeat proposed mega-mines and decrepit dams that stand as both monuments to colonialism and barriers to spawning salmon.

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Clean Energy Justice: Stories from the Front Lines of Defense

We joined with Indigenous, Gulf South, and Appalachian communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel development to produce the Clean Energy Justice Convergence: a series of expeditions and events shining a spotlight on the costs, public health impacts, and environmental devastation associated with extractive and fossil fuel-based energy systems.

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Spring Update: Lessons from the last 8 years, and a Gathering of Eagles

In this post, we look at lessons from the last 8 years of our work since launching The Natural History Museum; and we preview the upcoming Gathering of Eagles canoe journey, potlatch, and Alliance of Earth, Sky, and Water Protectors convening at the Lummi Nation.

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Conquering Columbus: Indigenous Peoples Day

Above all, Indigenous Peopleā€™s Day is an invitation to lift up, align with, and stand behind the struggles of Indigenous Peoples past, present, and future. In this post, we outline just a few ways you can honor, celebrate, and take action.

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