Urban Climbing Spring Camp

This weeklong camp comprises two sections.  The first trains campers in basic climbing practices in both outdoor wooded terrain and indoor climbing walls. The second will apply these methods to urban landscapes through scaling urban environments.  This dichotomy will explore the contrast and similarities between rural and urban landscapes, and how political interventions can be administered through natural processes.

Air Quality Summer Camp

Explorers studied the earths atmosphere through sampling air quality.  Climatologists trained campers on the historical methods of studying air quality, and campers were able to survey several methods over the course of the camp.

Catskill Mountains Summer Camp

Campers of all ages learned processes to identify edible flora.  Botany specialists led multi-day hikes through the Catskill Mountains, all while educating campers on fungi, roots, and berries.


Millerton NY Spring Camp

The Natural History Museum held a Spring Camp in Millerton, NY.  Campers studied the ways humans have interacted with surrounding water supplies throughout history.  Additionally, along with climate ecologists, campers took water and sediment samples from nearby rivers to study the impact of pollution on soil in the region.