Upcoming Workshops

Augmented Reality Application Workshop

Date TBA

Collaborating with a NY Polytechnic Institute professor, this two day workshop explores augmented reality applications on smart devices.  Students, after learning about the politics of augmented reality applications, will be encouraged to bring smart devices to explore the American Museum of Natural History.  Through inserting what is excluded, this workshop trains workshop goers to see the excluded and question the unexplored.

DIY Geiger Counter Workshop

Date TBA Eyebeam, NY

The DIY Geiger Counter Workshop is centered around building your own Geiger Counter, a radiation detector measuring alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.  After constructing our own, we will use our mobile museum to travel to all five boroughs to measure radiation in various sites across New York City.

Framing Workshop

Date TBA New York, NY

This workshop trains students, elders, and others about the history of propaganda, and then how to create your own propaganda, specifically through framing a particular issue using photo and video documentation.  Workers will learn basic photo and video skills to be used in a homework assignment: framing an issue of interest from a specific propagandistic angle.

Center for Artistic Activism Anthropological Workshop and Museum Tour

Date TBA

The Natural History Museum presents a day-long anthropological workshop for students from the Center for Artistic Activism at New York University. Topics covered include institutional critique, interventionism, and the politics of display. Includes a guided tour of and exercises within the American Museum of Natural History.

Past Workshops

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NY Arts Practicum Workshop

NY Arts Practicum students participated in a workshop outlining the climate movement and radical potential for change.

Independent Summer Program, NYC

Design for Sustainability Workshop

The New School, The American Museum of Natural History

Students from The New School attended a workshop that examined practices within museums and then crafted their own interventions.

Design for Sustainability, The New School, NYC