Science in Ceremony Roundtable

May. 5, 2022 I 2–4 pm PDT online & in-person

MAY 5th @ Eugene, OR
2-4 pm PDT
Science in Ceremony Roundtable
Online and in-person at the Erb Memorial Union Gumwood Room,
University of Oregon, Eugene

The Science in Ceremony roundtable takes as its point of departure the proposition that Indigenous ceremonial knowledge—with its protocols and practices—is a science in its own right and on its own terms. Traditional ceremonial knowledge has an internal order, criteria for truth, and standards of coherence that are rigorous, right, and appropriate and is part of an ancient, sovereign and inspirited world-making process. Our aim, in this potlatch of ideas, is not to debate this proposition, but to explore it from Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives.

Made possible with support from Myer Memorial Trust, Hewlett Foundation, and 4Culture.