This Changes Community

May. 25, 2015 NY, NY

How does climate change and environmental injustice affect our communities?Ā How do communities respond and adapt to environmental disasters?Ā How do communities build capacity, resilience and infrastructure to resist climate change?

Stories and experiments from local artists, storytellers, organizers, activists and policymakers in New York, especially those involved in community rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Sandy. Come join a conversation with Elizabeth Yeampierre from UPROSE,Ā Rachel Falcone from Sandy StorylineĀ andĀ Beka EconomopoulosĀ fromĀ TheĀ Natural History Museum.Ā Theyā€™ll be talking about different approaches to building community resilience: through collecting oral histories, supporting Sunset Parksā€™ indigenous leaders in responding to severe weather events, educating neighbors through toxic tours, and pressuring arts/cultural institutions and museums to sever ties with climate change deniers and acknowledge the real science behind our climate crisis.

Moderated by dramaturg and theatre director, Mallory Catlett.

Dialogue series curated and produced by The Foundry Theatre. Pop-up exhibition and stage set by The Natural History Museum.