This Changes Country

Jun. 1, 2015 NY, NY

How are countries affected by and responsible for climate change? Are countries the right vehicles – the right organizational forms – for addressing climate change? What are the limitations and failures of countries (especially our own) in this work?

In this dialogue, scholar, journalist and author Vijay Prashad will chat with Paulina Helm-Hernandez, co-director of the radical movement building organization, Southerners on New Ground (SONG ). Vijay and Paulina will explore the history of countries – and state-sponsored violence – on social and environmental movements. They will examine questions of self-determination as it impacts immigrants, queer and trans communities, and low-income people of color who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate disasters. We will all ask and answer this question together: How should we transform our relationship to our countries in order to make our planet last longer?

Moderated by Beka Economopoulos from The Natural History Museum.

Dialogue series curated and produced by The Foundry Theatre. Pop-up exhibition and stage set by The Natural History Museum.