Keep it in the Museum

August 21, 2015

This Spring, The Natural History Museum released an unprecedented letter signed by dozens of the world’s top scientists calling on science and natural history museums to cut all ties to the fossil fuel industry.

Now you can join your voices with theirs. We’re teaming up with, the global climate advocacy organization, to launch a brand new push in the divestment movement.

Help us ask 5 of our top museums to step up to the plate by divesting from fossil fuels — add your name now.

In the face of climate catastrophe, this moment calls for leaders that are willing to do more than observe and curate history — it calls for leaders who are ready to help make it.

We believe museums of science and natural history can be those leaders.

The Code of Ethics for Museums states:

“It is incumbent on museums to be resources for humankind and in all their activities to foster an informed appreciation of the rich and diverse world we have inherited. It is also incumbent upon them to preserve that inheritance for posterity.”

Museums are key institutions where the general public, especially young people, learn about science and the natural world. Museums understand the urgent threat of climate change — so why invest in the fossil fuel industry that’s putting us on a crash course?

So far, more than 250 universities, cities, faith communities, and other institutions have joined the call to align their investments with their values and are sending a clear message: The actions of the fossil fuel industry are incompatible with a livable future, and we’re taking a stand against it.

Fossil fuels are history — and now is the time to stand on the right side.