Petro Coke Mountain Range Expedition

Date TBA Petro Coke Mountain Range

This expedition takes explorers to Detroit on The Natural History Museum’s bus.  From there, we will travel by boat up the Calumet River to the Petro Coke mountain range. The visit will examine the mountain area as a habitat by speaking to locals about their experience of living in the region.  Additionally, we will engage local scientists about the area as a natural environment.  The mountains are currently thirty feet high, but may extend in elevation to forty-five feet in the coming years if KCBX Terminals, a firm controlled by industrialists Charles and David Koch, successfully forces the city to grant them exemption to city regulation.  Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency accused KCBX of violating the federal Clean Air Act. Pollution monitors recorded in the area indicate high levels of lung-damaging particulate matter.